Refrigerated Cabinets

The sharpness of cold for the state-of-the-art conservation

Reliable performances, ergonomic and functional design, innovative technology is among the main strength points of the TECNOMAC conservation units, result of our experience in the refrigeration field. The refrigerated cabinets and conservation units cater to the needs of customers in the industrial sector and high-end kitchens, serving applications such as cheese aging, pastry, ice cream, bakery, and gastronomy.


The TECNOMAC cabinets are characterized by a high build quality and a remarkable insulation thickness, in order to grant an excellent conservation of finished food products, as well as semi-finished and ingredients CRISP sports a user-friendly and intuitive control panel, to set and monitor all functions and guideline kits for all application fields. Indispensable elements to perfectly organize your working environment.

The range of conservation units TECNOCEL is the ideal solution to increase quantity, safeguarding quality: by adopting a particular air distribution system TECNOCEL grants a perfect preservation of freshness and quality of raw materials, of semi-finished and finished products. The peculiarities of this range are personalization and modularity that facilitates the integration of TECNOCEL in every working environment. The different operating temperatures and the humidity control deliver a solid solution for every application field.
The TECNOMAC range is designed to preserve your passion.

Fast season

The ideal product to bring your cheeses to the right maturation.

The active control and management of humidity, temperature and ventilation parameters guarantee ideal curing conditions, respecting the different product needs.
Production is thus not put at risk by the unpredictability of the climate and can be programmed all year round in total safety.
The use of a cheese ripening cabinet, with drying, ripening, penicillium, aging programs, allows extremely precise management of each phase, which is difficult to achieve in normal maturing cells.


The new efficient guardians of freshness

Modern design, high build quality, a state-of-the art cooling technology: TECNOMAC presents CRISP: the new range of refrigerated cabinets.
Designed to preserve your creative ideas, this new and complete range of dedicated and specific models fit in whatever application. From the industrial or artisanal pastry lab to kitchens, or the ice-cream business, CRISP is a complete range matching whatever need, granting an excellent preservation of finished and semi finished products, and raw materials.


Modular refrigerated cabinets

Flexible, modular and practical to use, the TECNOCEL refrigerated cabinet is designed to organize laboratories and kitchens at their best. Specifically, the distribution system helps to keep the freshness and impeccable quality of ingredients, semi finished materials and ready meals. The TecnoCEL build modularity facilitates the easy integration in whatever framework, and the opening in two compartments of each module grants the maximum flexibility for the user.


A work-bench with refrigeration cabinet

BanControl is the preservation system designed to meet whatever space need: it combines the practicality of a stainless-steel work-bench to the purpose of a refrigeration cabinet. With very limited footprint, it is available with different modularity: from 1 to 4 refrigerated compartments.