Reduce maintenance costs with DVA water softeners in order to prevent the formation of limescale in your appliances.

Water Softeners are often installed alongside catering appliances that heat water, such as commercial dishwashers, glasswashers, ice machines, water boilers and coffee machines. They help to reduce limescale build up that can be damaging to machine components. DVA automatic softeners are technologically advanced and can automatically regenerate the resins.

Fields of application:

  • Coffee machines
  • Dishwashers and cup washers
  • Drink dispenser
  • Icemakers
  • Steam cooking ovens


ISI Series

The ISI series consists of the ISI5-ISI8 and ISI12 models.They stand out for their simplicity and speed of programming. All ISI models are recommended in the catering sector, bars and in all activities where softened water is used. The ISI softeners, with their compact and manageable design, can be installed in very small spaces. The ISI5 and ISI8, in particular, deliver a considerable quantity of softened water in relation to their size.

AL Series

They are perfect in meeting the needs of restaurants, coffee machines, dishwashers, ice-makers, steam ovens. The versatily of the varius models gives the possibility to choose the one most suited to your needs. The lack of salt alarm is a feature that distinguishes it. If the water softenes does not find salt in brine, alert with a visual and acoustic signal and can communicate in to an external unit. With this function you are always updated on the correct operation of the softener. Regeneration is programmed by means of a timer so that the softener independently performs regeneration and does not interrupt the flow of water.

GIX Series

This series includes the GIX5, GIX8 and GIX12 models; they are high performance water softeners equipped with LOGIX valve in the Timer or Volumetric versions. They are easily installed and programmed; moreover, they are completely autonomous in their functions. Through an optional led light, it signals the user that the salt has run out.


LT Model

The LT series is part of the manual softeners’ range, and it is made up of five models: LT5 – LT8 – LT12 – LT16 and LT20. The LT model is equipped with two ball-type valves in brass for water inlet and outlet pipes.Such valves come with multiple types of couplings for water pipes: 3/8”G, 3/4”G or quick pipe fitting. This equipment is suitable for coffee machines, dischwashers, vending machines, etc.

IV Model

The IV model is equipped with a semi-automatic IV valve in thermoplastic material, and with quick coupling water connections, allowing easy and rapid installation. Resin regeneration occurs by manually rotating the valve knob in the following four positions:

  1. Running
  2. Pressure relief and salt-loading
  3. Resin rinsing
  4. Backwash

Water usage by the machines connected to the water softener is possible also during regeneration. Moreover a mixer inside the valve directs part of the hard water towards the outlet, hard water is then mixed with soft water to deliver water with a degree of hardness. To obtain totally softened water, users only need to close the mixer completely.