Egro coffee machines are the new frontier in fully automatic coffee machines. Featuring stylish ergonomic design, Egro machines are intuitive, easy to use and to clean. This guarantees top-quality results for all types of coffee, milk and powder-based drinks.


Egro Next is the new frontier in fully automatic coffee machines. Featuring stylish ergonomic design, Egro Next is intuitive, easy to use and to clean. It guarantees top-quality results for all types of coffee, milk and powder-based drinks.


  • Swiss Coffee Technology
  • NMS+ milk system
  • 10″ HD Touchscreen
  • Easy Switch
  • Built to last
  • Total flexibility for every business


Featuring maximum reliability and ease-of-use, the Egro One fully automatic coffee machine is extremely versatile and guarantees premium quality cups for every coffee, fresh milk and powder-based drinks. Egro One is available in four different versions, and offers a wide range of add-ons and fridges to meet every need.


  • Swiss Coffee Technology
  • Innovative Milk Systems
  • Keypad or touchscreen interface
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Built for a long service life
  • Total flexibility for every business


Egro Zero+ is the ideal fully automatic coffee machine for all those locations with medium-low daily consumptions. It dispenses top quality beverages made from coffee, milk or soluble powders and manages to compact Egro-branded technology in just 33 centimeters. It is user-friendly, easy to clean, highly reliable and equipped with an innovative milk system.


  • Stainless steel brewing unit
  • Quick Milk Pro milk system
  • Keypad
  • Built-in powder hoppers
  • Space-saving design
  • Easy cleaning


QuBe is a fully automatic coffee machine that is ideal for the Hospitality and Office Coffee Service (OCS) sectors and for all establishments, convenience stores and coffee corners with low daily consumption that require a varied coffee menu. Easy to use and maintain, reliable, convenient and compact, thanks to the built-in hoppers for coffee beans and powders, QuBe is the solution for preparing coffee, fresh milk and chocolate drinks at speed. The intuitive and customisable touchscreen interface has been developed to facilitate both the operator’s work, and direct interaction with the customer when working in self-service mode.


  • Swiss technology and quality in a cup
  • Built-in hoppers
  • 2 milk systems
  • 7″ Touchscreen
  • Customisable interface
  • Maximum flexibility

Touch Coffee

Egro Touch Coffee is the fully automatic coffee machine designed for drip coffee. Delivers top-quality fresh coffee, from the bean to the cup, and guarantees consistency and reliability over the long term. It features maximum variety thanks to a unique “4 bean hoppers” system, that allows you to always have up to 4 different types of coffee available. Touch Coffee is also available in a version with integrated Coffee Cooler, ideal for all locations that serve drip coffee with ice.


  • Always fresh, cup after cup
  • Stainless steel brewing unit
  • 4 Bean hoppers
  • 10″ HD Touchscreen
  • Coffee Cooler