Maintenance and cleaning of a professional ice maker are crucial for ensuring optimal performance and extending the lifespan of the device. Here are some important tips for maintenance and cleaning:

1. Regular cleaning: Regularly cleaning the ice maker is essential for removing mineral deposits, sediment, and bacteria buildup. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning intervals. Most machines have an automatic cleaning cycle that needs to be performed. Use recommended cleaning agents that are safe to use and won’t damage the components of the machine. We recommend using the professional ice maker cleaner Icematic Cleaner.

2. Water source control: Ensure that the water source used for ice production is clean and free from contaminants. Use a commercial water filter or water softener and regularly check the condition of the filter, replacing it when necessary. This will maintain the purity of the ice and reduce the need for frequent machine cleaning.

3. Check for leaks and maintain components: Regularly inspect the tightness of the machine’s pipes, connections, and valves. Make sure there are no water or air leaks as they can negatively impact the machine’s performance. Also, check the condition of the ice cutter or cylinder and clean or replace it as needed.

4. Proper storage and handling of ice: If the ice maker is not in continuous operation, it is important to store the ice correctly. Remove any remaining ice, turn off the machine, and empty the ice bin. We recommend storing ice in clean and hygienic ice storage bins, separate from other food items, to prevent contamination. Also, avoid contact between ice and raw food or chemicals.

5. Regular servicing: Regular maintenance and servicing of the machine are crucial for its optimal operation. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals and, if needed, contact Elmont’s service technicians. Regular maintenance will help detect any potential issues early on and prolong the machine’s lifespan.”